What More Than Payroll Means

Over the years, we’ve grown from just payroll to a whole host of human resources and management solutions. We’ve listened to our clients and let their needs drive the solutions we develop. Check out this video to learn more about Read More >

Expanding the Vision

Just like any startup, in our early days, our vision was laser focused and somewhat narrow. As we’ve grown, so has our vision. A broader, yet still focused, vision gives us the chance to have a positive impact on our Read More >

Overcoming Entrepreneurship Fears

Entrepreneurship comes with a plateful of fears. And as you begin to grow your business and welcome new team members to the fold, those fears can be almost paralyzing. We found a way to flip those fears around and push Read More >

Why we love the number 77

We love the number 77. Seems random? Not really. That’s our NPS score. We use our NPS score to evaluate how well we are serving our clients. Watch this video to learn more about how the NPS score works. Craig Read More >