Coastal Payroll Services is focused on having a positive impact on the lives of the clients we service. We want every interaction to be positive and want our clients to feel good about the value we provide. Our team focuses on this above all else.

We live by a set of values which governs our daily actions. We are passionate about these values.




1. Respect others and embrace diversity

2. Work with passion, purpose and dignity

3. Build trust through open, honest, and respectful communication

4. Be reliable and accountable

5. Don’t accept mediocrity

6. Invest in personal growth

7. Seek balance in work and life

8. Wow your audience

9. Give back to your community and to those in need

10. Have a positive impact on the lives of others

11. Treat your team, clients, and partners like family

12. Growth and profitability lead to longevity