Six Reasons to use HCM technology

Most human resource professionals are well aware of the Human Capital Management (HCM) movement.  The right HCM technology will streamline HR processes and save the company time and money, both of which should be considered for your ROI. A recent … Continued

The Coastal Wave 4Q14: Available Now!

There are a lot of great things happening here at Coastal Payroll and with the holidays right around the corner, we want to keep our Coastal Payroll family up-to-date with everything human capital management (HCM)!  Get all of the details … Continued

Are You Ready For Year-End?

Some people make lists for their groceries or errands, others for their Christmas shopping- this time of year employers have one very important list they’ll need to check twice: year-end preparation.  Coastal Payroll has put together a list of items … Continued

How Does ACA Affect Small Businesses?

With all the focus on large employers (50+ employees), notably due to the “employer shared responsibility” provision extension, talk of ACA effects on small businesses is rare. Not anymore. The fact of the matter is that with no financial requirements … Continued